• $49.99 is the required deposit that covers the delivery fee, HST will be included on final invoice
    • Shopping Fee -  $30 up to $200.00 (15% fee on orders $200.00+)
    • Additional Stops - $8.99 will be charged (1 stop included in delivery)
    • Delivery Fee - Store to Your Door
      • $29.99 - Up to 15 km
      • $39.99 - Up to 25 km
      • $49.99 - Up to 35 km
**Orders 50 km+ will be subject to a $49.99 delivery fee for the first 35 km
+ an additional $1.00 per extra km** 

    Other things to note: 

    • Need $500 worth of groceries? No problem! We will gladly accept orders of reasonable size. However, if you are preparing for an event or require a large order with large quantities of specific items, please order at least 1 week before expected delivery so we can do our best to meet your needs and organize additional staff if required. If you have any questions regarding large orders, please email 
    • Cottage Ready is an independent business and shops from local stores in your area. 
    • Don't worry, we are EXTRA picky shoppers! We take pride in our meticulous selection of fruits and veggies and are diligent about examining expiry dates. If you have a preferred ripeness please indicate by adding a note to the item when ordering.