Cottage Ready provides a very efficient and friendly essential service. Emails are always answered quickly and unlike many other grocery delivery services, Cottage Ready makes sure you get exactly the items you want. Highly recommend.

— Judith Teichman


This is our family's third summer using Cottage Ready. Their next day delivery is a life saver, especially when your cottage is on an island and you entertain often!

— Amanda Petrovic


Cottage Ready has helped me on many occasions! They are lovely to deal with! True to their word, their deliveries are on time! You can place an order big or small! Highly recommend!

— Rhiannon Bonnick


 The girls at Cottage Ready were life-savers for us this summer! We had travelled from the UK to our cottage to oversee ongoing building work and were needing to safely quarantine. Cottage Ready brought us all of our groceries (at a safe distance!) and were wonderful at calling from the supermarket to go through all of our options at a time when there was limited availability on the shelves. Deliveries were made on time, and always with a smile. I wouldn't hesitate in using them again and recommend them to anyone who asks.

— Liz, Lake Jo and Surrey, UK


 The surprise and appreciation of our clients was outstanding when they arrived to find Cottage Ready had purchased all of their grocery items for the week and had staged and stored them in an orderly manner.

— Ross J. Halloran, Luxury Rentals Specialist at Muskoka District Rentals



After a busy week at work it was fabulous to drive directly to the cottage we had rented and  arrive with the fridge fully stocked.  We just went to the fridge and grabbed a nice cold beer and got to sit on the dock to watch the sunset.  THANK YOU COTTAGE READY!!!!

— Judy + Glenn, Cottage Renters