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GUYS! There are only two days until summer officially begins, aka the PERFECT time to take a roadtrip. Whether it be a weekend with your significant other, your family or exploring with your besties, checkout this list of some important items that could make your weekend easier. Think of this as a mini vacation, who says you need to take an airplane? Pick a destination, follow the sun and start exploring.


Let’s begin with the most important roadtrip items, your driver’s license, car insurance, extra key, road side assistance membership and a spare tire. Having these items is critical for emergency situations and can save you should you hit a bump in the road. Pack an emergency box full with a rope, matches, candles, blankets and food/water in the chance that your car breaks down and your waiting for a tow-truck. That way you are fully prepared for all the possibilities. If you will be driving somewhere in wide-open land we also suggest that you bring along a portable gas container, that way if you’re several kilometers away from the nearest gas station you will have enough to get you through.


Next we urge you to pack lightly, but pack enough that you’re covered for all types of weather. Being prepared is imperative. Don’t forget a bathing suit and towel. You never know when you’ll drive past a cute little beach or maybe even a waterpark. If you aren’t sleeping in your car or at a hotel, tenting is the way to go. There are lots of tenting campgrounds all over Ontario where you can pull over for a night and set up a site (it goes without saying a sleeping bag is needed for this as well).


Now even though these next couple items seem like no brainers, we figured there was value in mentioning them anyways. Sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray and a car-port phone charger. A reusable water bottle, tissues and hand sanitizer. Don’t forget a camera of some kind, a hat and a roll of toilet paper for those moments when you just need to pull over. Any kind of entertainment like a book or card games can come in handy for when you need to stop for a break. An extra pair of shoes and a bag for your dirty laundry will come in handy as well. Putting together a playlist full if your favourite throwback songs, never fails to bring up the roadtrip vibes. Have everyone contribute to the playlist and have a blast singing every song at the top of your lungs.


If all else fails and you can only remember ONE thing about going on a roadtrip. It’s to travel with an open mind. You never know what you’re going to find while out exploring the world. Take chances, take opportunities and take it all in. This could be your BEST roadtrip yet! 

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