make the most of your cottage weekend

Time flies when you’re having fun and this couldn’t be more true for weekends spent at the cottage. Making the most of your weekend can be simple if you plan ahead. If you prepare for the necessary tasks, it opens up a lot more time for fun!

For starters, plan your meals before leaving for the weekend. Having a simple menu ready for breakfast, lunch and dinner allows you to purchase exactly what you need and have the ingredients ready to make your meals as soon as you need them. When making meals, keep them simple. Cottage living doesn’t require anything elaborate, but rather something quick and filling (so that you can get right back to having fun). Hot dogs & hamburgers, make-your-own sandwiches, fruit platters or veggies and dip are great easy meals.

Secondly, stocking the fridge full with a variety of drinks and the pantry full of snacks is key. Having the fridge and pantry ready allows for quick grab-and-go access. Keeping your cottage-team hydrated and full will keep everyone happy throughout the day. Each morning make sure the boat is full of life-jackets, dry towels and sunscreen. That way if you head out for an impromptu boat trip and you need to jump in the lake everyone can dry off and reapply sunscreen as necessary.

So what happens if it’s raining you ask? Board games, card games and movies. Plan ahead and make sure to have lots of these on site for days when the weather isn’t co-operating. Board games are a great way to bring everyone together while you wait out the rain.

After all the boring stuff if out of the way, our advice is to make the most of your weekend doing things that you and your family/friends love to do. Hook up the tube and pile everyone on, get out and wakeboard, kayak, float on the raft, go for a hike, fish off the dock, whatever it is you enjoy doing. Planning ahead and having the necessary details out of the way, allows for more quality fun to be had all weekend long.

 If you’re bored of your everyday cottage routine, check out this website for more fun things to do in the Muskoka area…

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